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Client Profile

We are Radiant. We’re a digital & creative agency that primarily produce interactive media projects related to film and television projects. We evolved into that from what was originally a web development and design company which we started around 15 years ago. These days we produce everything from digital ad campaigns to branded films and commercials for clients all over the world. A lot has changed in that time, and we still find ourselves exploring new digital horizons in our own projects and for our clients.

Client Profile

This project came about as one of our clients wanted a simple job management solution that would help them keep track of their jobs, their contractors time and resources, and essentially organise their business. They are a trades based company, and like many tradies, they had a complicated and disorganised system for storing job information, that is, the back seat of the ute. With trades having to comply with more and more stringent safety regulations and heightened expectations from clients and contractors, the owners of this company, to their credit, decided to take it on themselves to create a solution. We were approached to help design a solution that would be mobile, iPad based, and would allow real time job data to be entered, accessed and shared from anywhere they might be working. After researching the market for something that was ready built, we decided to propose custom building something that both met their exact requirements, and was extensible in nature, so that future development and changes could be implemented to assist in the growth of their business.


The App has just been launched, and after a brief introductory training session, both the clients and their work force were able to pick up their iPads and immediately use the solution. The intuitive nature of the design and implementation meant that users with only basic iOS skills could enter, access and interact with job data essentially without instruction. This particular project was always intended to be added to, so in addition to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the client, they have been very active in making suggestions on improvements to their solution, and indeed how it can be adapted for use by other trades in a similar business model.


Working with Matt has been a fantastic experience. His professional attitude and clear talent for being able to translate data modelling into real world scenarios mean that we had this entire solution developed in an incredibly short time frame. Matt’s attention to detail and genuine desire to exceed expectations was apparent throughout his time on this project, and it’s refreshing to work with a young and motivated professional with such an outstanding commitment to excellence in his work.