Peter Davis


Client Profile

Peter is a part-time property development student, working in the security industry.

Project Description

Peter was looking for an intelligent solution for organizing his highly specific custom workout program and making it as efficient as possible at the gym.


We analysed Peter’s written workout program and ensured we completely understood the reasoning behind its highly specific functionality. We developed an efficient yet powerful application that could manage the specifics of his workout regime. The final solution is able to create customized training programs and specific exercises. It also provides a very practical way of recording those programs inside the gym, and allows Peter to view his entire workout history and progress with just a few touches. Within weeks Peter was operational using the new Workout Tracker application.


Matt provided a fantastic service, understanding my needs and meeting (and beating) deadlines without fail. He communicates in a fun and friendly manner, yet demonstrates consistent professionalism and an obvious intelligence in his work and analysis of my requirements. Matt is my #1 go-to guy for any custom solutions that are too specific or detailed for any other provider. His rates are highly reasonable and I look forward to continuing my collaboration with him in the future.