At Database + Workflow Solutions, all of our systems are written exclusively using FileMaker Pro. This platform transforms outdated processes and paperwork into an efficient, well-oiled machine that is largely automated and synchronised. We often find our clients are left wondering how they ever managed without such a system. FileMaker is the leading system development tool due to its fast development process, robust output, and versatile and flexible features.

A quick development process with FileMaker

FileMaker is simple to use. As an Apple subsidiary, much research and innovation has been put into the development and refinement of this platform. The system has undergone constant updates and upgrades to arrive at it’s recently released FileMaker Pro 13. This investment in improvement is what allows so many developers and businesses alike to put their confidence in this platform. It also results in a speedy turnaround time, which enhances productivity and profitability. The sooner your system is developed, the sooner you can begin reaping the rewards.

Quality of final product

Our FileMaker Pro solutions are some of the most powerful and versatile in the industry. Importantly, they promote enjoyment of use, with palettes, styles and themes fully customisable to correctly represent and reinforce your brand image. Database + Workflow Solutions will develop a product that focuses on user experience, ensuring the output is both functional and intuitive. We understand our clients may not be literate in FileMaker Pro, which is why we can offer advice, where we transfer our knowledge and experience to you so that you can get the most out of your new system.

Complete flexibility of design and functionality

Flexibility is fundamental to the success of our FileMaker Pro solutions. Potential features include inventory, reports, invoices, scheduling and meetings. Chances are if you can think of a feature that would be beneficial to your company, we can make it possible. Anything from simple single-user systems, to complex multi-user environments is achievable. FileMaker systems can also be modified and adapted as the needs of a business change. Database + Workflow Solutions will be glad to customise your system to meet these needs over time.

A multi-device solution

FileMaker Pro 13 came with a heap of new features. Some of the most notable being updates to the iOS app FileMaker Go, and the new technology FileMaker WebDirect. With these new technologies, we can now deploy solutions across Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and compatible web browsers. This means the same information can be accessed across these different devices and shared in real time between one another. With today’s businesses on the go, FileMaker makes it easy for your staff to stay in touch.

If your workflow seems endless and your paperwork is mounting, allow Database + Workflow Solutions to reorganise and simplify your methods. An optimized system will have your business consistently performing at its peak. We would love to hear from you about your current issues so that we can find a way to help. Please contact us today!