CRM Software

Take advantage of our custom CRM Software

Do your business a favour and take advantage of our custom CRM software. CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software) software is designed to synchronise a range of your business processes. The purpose of the system is to improve relationships with all types of customers, be it new, existing or former. Various business operations are managed including customer service, technical support, sales and marketing.

Customer information is collected, organized and managed with our custom software. Designing your business’ CRM Software can be quite complex, owing to the scale of operations. This is why professional help can come in handy. At Database + Workflow Solutions we help you come up with a sound CRM strategy. Our experienced team offer support and suggestions to help identify your company’s key areas to determine the best strategy for your business. If you have specific goals in mind and have decided a custom database would best suit your needs, then our team will be glad to begin working to your exact requirements.

Benefits of using CRM Software

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business; implementing a CRM strategy is extremely beneficial. If you have been contemplating utilising CRM software at your business, consider the advantages outlined below.

Save time and improve accuracy
Our custom CRM systems are designed to ensure your data is always accurate and up-to-date. You will be able to create quotes, invoices, receipts, purchase orders, reports, and everything in between.. within a matter of seconds! This process could have previously taken hours to complete, but not your employees can spend more time on tasks that generate revenue.

Improved customer relations
For a business to be successful, customer satisfaction is paramount. By employing a CRM system, you will ensure you deal with all customer relations in a systematic and controlled manner. From marketing, to selling your products, to servicing, all customer relations can be organised using our custom CRM systems.

Increase revenue
CRM systems collect an abundance of data, which can be utilised to increase your business’s revenue. Based on the data, you can popularize marketing campaigns to effectively target the right market. In doing so you boost your customer revenue, by extending and attracting new customers.

Enhance internal and external communications
Our CRM systems enhance communication within a business, as they allow data to be shared amongst all departments. With information available to everyone, the team unites and the business functions better. Better internal communications also results in improved customer service, as well as greater profits. Additionally, we can make it possible for your clients, or suppliers, to have access to their required information, making all processes much more streamlined.

Optimise marketing
Data collected from the CRM system greatly assists in optimising marketing. With information collected regarding customer needs and behaviour, the timing of marketing and the products offered can be tweaked so it is more profitable.

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