About us

At Database + Workflow Solutions, we strive to help all types of businesses easily manage, utilise and input their data. We develop exclusively using the FileMaker platform to deliver tailor made solutions to all of our clients. No matter how big or small your business is or your employees’ skill level, we provide a customised solution for all businesses.

Our guiding philosophies

Accuracy is paramount in the running of a successful business. This is why we strive to provide you with complete confidence in the precision of your data. No business has time to waste creating reports or entering the same data over and over again. Using our solutions you can rest assured your data will always be up-to-date and secure.

With our help, you will be able to access your data from anywhere, at any time. This portability is essential for the modern business person, who is often out of the office or working after hours. Many clients have found our mobile compatibility service not only beneficial, but necessary in the everyday functioning of their business. Our systems are designed with an enjoyable user experience in mind. This means you don’t need a degree in IT to navigate the system and get the results you are after. Employees at all levels will be able to quickly learn and use and love our custom solutions.

It is our goal to increase your profitability, which is why we offer an affordable rate. Our prices remain at a minimum to ensure more people can benefit from our systems.  This cost effective investment is one that will reward your business many times over.

Our development process

At every stage, our team will be by your side. We encourage participation and contribution from our clients, however if you would rather leave it to the experts then we are more than happy to take the reins.

The first step is a one-on-one consultation, where we sit down with you and learn about your business and what you are looking to achieve with our services. The more we know about your company, the more suggestions we can offer, which will make your day-to-day tasks easier. This is also the time when we discuss the all-important budget, as we recognise that this will vary greatly between clients and should guide our preliminary development.

Next comes the technical brief, where we condense all the information you have provided into an outline of your requirements. We will prioritize this list accordingly and strive to include as many of these features into the budget as possible. Now we are ready to work our magic with FileMaker.

The software that we develop needs to be primarily usable for you, the client. We will ask you to test our initial system and will tweak it according to your feedback. Sometimes it is hard to know what you want without seeing the result in front of you, so this is the perfect time to readjust and re-prioritize. After these changes are made we are ready to deploy your brand new product across Mac, Windows, iPhone or iPad so you can begin incorporating it into your daily business process.