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Welcome to DBWF Solutions

Let us help you manage and utilise your data with our CRM software, POS systems and custom FileMaker Pro solutions

Database + Workflow Solutions is an innovative software development business, specialising in CRM software, POS systems and custom FileMaker Pro development. We utilise the FileMaker platform to deliver clients with custom solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our services can assist businesses of any size and skill level to easily input, manage and utilise their data. By insisting on a custom service that is personalised to every unique business, we are able to generate products that deliver in all aspects.

It is our aim to help your business improve its efficiency and profitability. Whether it’s CRM software, a POS system, or custom FileMaker development; we will provide a completely personalized service for every client, leaving you with complete confidence in our system and your data.

Our solutions are user friendly, allowing employees at all levels of computer skill to access and use the system in its full potential. In addition, our solutions are perfect for the on-the-go businessperson of today. Utilising new technologies (FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect) your data will be available to you at any time, via any iOS device (iPad/iPhone), or web browser.

We offer affordable prices to ensure all businesses can benefit from out solutions. With a clear focus on increasing your businesses’s profitability, we are committed to keeping our rates as low as possible. To learn more about our CRM software, POS systems, or custom FileMaker development in Australia, contact us today!

CRM Software

Our CRM software is designed to synchronise with your various business processes, including customer service, technical support, sales and marketing. Our team will offer suggestions and identify possible areas for improvement in your workflow.

POS Systems

POS systems can take the complexity out of running a business. With our system, you will be able to gather valuable client information, invoice on-the-go, monitor and re-order stock levels, see profitability and sales by category or item, and much more.

All of our database solutions have a very unique client focus. With every business having their own preferred methods and procedures for operations, we believe personalisation is the key to providing a sound solution for all of our clients.

Filemaker Developer

At Database + Workflow Solutions, all of our systems are written exclusively using FileMaker Pro. This platform transforms outdated processes and paperwork into an efficient, well-oiled machine that is largely automated and always accurate and precise.

Our Clients

Radiant Films
Peter Davis
Just Mums Recruitment
Emotion Studios
AusPsych Australia
All Bake Services